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About Us

We are a dedicated group of bicycle enthusiasts who want to give people a viable alternative to the automobile, even people who have some form of pedaling challenge.

About Our Founder

Our founder, Richard, is a polymath dedicated to helping humans be better stewards of our planet and this effort with bicycles is a part of that. Bicycles provided an early introduction to engineering which has become a life-long endeavour and he now is applying his talents with two efforts to help humans get off of fossil fuels, here with bicycles, and also with another venture, still in formation, electrifying automobiles.

Richard worked at UC Berkely as an earth scientist and his father, as an assistant Attorney General of the state of Louisiana, charged with enforcing the state's environmental laws, helped create the EPA and young Richard was also involved, collecting environmental data in the field. Later, Richard pursued his aviation and aerospace engineering interests, worked as an apprentice Airframe and Powerplant mechanic while gaining formal education in engineering. During that time, he got involved with vintage automobiles and in support of that and his other various endeavours constructed a generous workshop with a small machine shop, virtually every form of welding a small shop might perform, etc., and is now applying that workshop to his vehicle electrification efforts, both bicycle and automotive.

While growing up, bicycles were a daily part of life. They were transportation and sport. In modern times, Richard has been using a bicycle as a replacement for an automobile for health and for the environment, with daily errands performed with the bike. He had electrified this bike for three key reasons: 1) Now over 50, some of the hills of his standard routine were extremely arduous, and; 2) arriving all sweaty makes some bike trips harder to accomplisy for some purposes, and; 3) Endurance and speed can be greatly increased, making a bike all the more attractive as an automotive replacement.

In the summer of 2017 Richard was struck by a car and injured but was determined to keep riding despite a bum knee. Realizing the healing was going to take a long time, and not finding any products already available, instead of giving up and going for an automobile, he applied his skills and created a great bike. Everyone loved it so much and people were pestering him enough he decided to found this enterprise, both as a way to help people avoid driving a car, and also to help people with pedaling problems!


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Bad Knee Bikes is dedicated to providing quality bicycles for the discerning bicyclist.

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